Austrian Spirits

Bauer's Obstler

Bauer's Obstler, Brandy, Apple and Pear Brandy, Bauer Spirits

Bauer’s Obstler is an apple and pear brandy naturally distilled in Salzburg with real fruit.

Bauer's Bierschnapps

Bauer's Bierschnapps. Beer brandy, beer schnapps, Bauer's spirits

Brand new addition to the Bauer Spirit

line is a Spirit that was inspired by beer, an Austrian Lager to be more specific. Incredibly smooth and true to its beer roots.

Austrian Liqueurs

Manner & Casali Liqueurs


Hazelnut Wafer, Rum Coconut and Choco Banana. Your favorite Austrian candies can now be enjoyed in your next coffee, frappe, martini or cocktail!