Bauer's Bierschnapps

Bauer's Bierschnapps - "The Original Beer Brandy"

About Bauer's Bierschnapps

1923 - Leopold Bauer purchases Vienna Brewery and opened the Bauer Family Winery & Distillery

Leftover beer from the brewery was then distilled into brandy for local and personal consumption, creating the first Bauer’s “Beer Brandy” also known and “BierSchnapps”

1945 - After the wars the Bauer Family operation continued

solely as a winery.

1972 - Otto Bauer purchases A. Moessmer, one of Austria’s largest wineries, including their distillery reintroducing, "Bauer’s Spirits".

2017 - Manfred Bauer brings the tradition back to life to share this unique spirit with the world being the first to import this type of spirit in the United States 

The Press Release

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