Esterházy Estate

Burgenland, Austria

About the winery

The history of the House of Esterházy goes back to the 13th century. The princely line was founded in 1687 by Emperor Leopold I. The ancestral family seat – the baroque Esterházy palace in Eisenstadt – was designed by the Italian architect, Carlone, and completed in 1683. Along with their high level of education and interest in art, music and science, the Esterházy princes were known also for their magnificent royal household. Even the well-pampered Johann Wolfgang von Goethe raved about a “fairy tale kingdom” during his visit to one of the Esterházy festivities. 

Empress Maria Theresia loved the wine that was born from the mild climate of the lake and refined in the Esterházy cellars. And the world-famous composer, Joseph Haydn, wanted to have part of his salary as the court musician paid in wine – which was recorded in 1789. 

Wine-growing has been in the genes of the House of Esterházy for more than 250 years, and it has evolved to today‘s standard with the opening in 2006 of the new winery, with its state of the art equipment and presentation rooms near Eisenstadt.


B-Corp Certified Winery from Burgenland, Austria. Esterhazy Wines are rated from 89-94 points by Wine Enthusiast.