Schlink Haus Organic

About Schlink Haus

 The Schlink Family has produced fine German wine for over 200 years coming from the Nahe in Germany. The Schlink Family is now on its 5 generation of winemaking, with innovation and quality still at the forefront. Since 1886 the Schlink Family has been based in the heart of German wine country, the Nahe. The new Schlink Haus Organic line if made from 100% certified organic Dornfelder and Riesling grapes. 

Nahe is one of the smaller German wine regions, its extraordinary range of soil types is second to none. 

Soil types: The entire rock cycle of igneous (volcanic), sedimentary (sandstone, clay, limestone) and metamorphic (slate) rocks is present in the Nahe.

The is a peaceful landscape of vineyards, orchards and meadows interspersed with cliffs and striking geological formations. Riesling, Müller-Thurgau and Dornfelder are the most widely planted varietals. 

Located Between Mosel and Rhein

Schlink Haus

The best of German Wine Tradition dating back to 1886 in the heart of German Wine Country. Learn more about what's behind the bottle..