St. Christopher

About St. Christopher

“The St. Christopher wines comprise of some of the most exciting, unique and highest quality wines in the world. St. Christopher offers highly rated Mosel wines like the Piesporter Goldtropfchen and Michelsberg as well as old German classics likes Zeller Schwarze Katz. With wines ranging from Gewurztraminer to Gluhwein we are sure you will find the perfect wine for any occasion with St. Christopher.”

St. Christopher was founded in 1992 with the single goal of producing, bottling and introducing the wines of Germany to the world of wine. The name St. Christopher stems from the Catholic Saint who is regarded as the guardian of travelers. Wine today, is an international conversation, bringing us closer to to all cultures. By tasting and sharing wines we are connecting with people, earth and history. With St. Christopher we strive to bring people together one glass at a time. Delivered safely from soil to glass.

St. Christopher

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